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We put a lot of heart and soul into every order, and that’s not just a phrase. Regardless of the budget, each project is considered a new reference. Because our work is mostly visual and has to be performant. Mistakes are a no-go and besides, we love to shine.

Creative Impact


There is no universal recipe for success. With expertise, experience and a large portion of passion, we come very far together.

We base our work on:

  • modern design
  • Know-how
  • innovative technology and
  • agile project management

With talent &

We are a team of talented creatives, experienced developers and project managers with international academic backgrounds.

An excerpt of our work

Web projects

Spice corner, 2020/21

Phone Factory, 2020

Della Lucia, 2020

Buon Giorno, 2020

Barbershop Company, 2018

TOGA Vienna, 2021

Adile cosmetics, 2019

Barbarossi, 2019

TUDIS, 2018

Otel professionals, 2019

Bombay Palace Vienna, 2019

AzeRobotics, 2020

Boutique Hotel Baku, 2018

Showacts, 2018

Dr. Crepaz, 2019

Semendria, 2018


from our network
of innovative partners.

Multiple web projects

"I can only say this much - after several projects by now, COMPASS Digital has always been able to completely convince us with competence and design quality."

Dr. Bahadur Ibrahimov

Hotel Group, AZE

Brand Design

"COMPASS Digital is our first point of contact when it comes to our design."

Afsin Gök

CEO, TOGA Bar & Food


"We gave COMPASS Digital free rein and the result really impressed our team!"

M. ElHamrawi

CEO, Spice Corner


We have
Startup Experience.

We have gained a lot of experience with our own startup (POISTAR) and other startups in the pipeline. Now we are in a position to offer other startups targeted support at every stage.


Lisbon 2019


Toronto/Online 2020

beta ws

Lisbon/Online 2020


Ljubljana 2019

Creative Heads

Our design team.


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We are a team of creatives who are passionate about creative ideas and helping businesses create a unique identity through the development of world-class designs.